Haridas Vadakke Variuth

Although my wife and I belong to Srikrishnapuram (Palakkad Dist.) and Vazhenkada (Malappuram Dist.) villages respectively, it was destiny or a decision of God to give us an opportunity to settle down in Pampady (Trichur Dist.) We are proud to have become members of this beautiful Pampady family since 1996. Even before we settled down here, we had a relation with Pampady for many years as two of my brothers are married from Ivor Madom varium, Pampady.

As we belong to the Varier community, the proximity of innumerable temples interests us a lot in Pampady, Tiruvilwamala. We were also attracted to this village, thanks to the beautiful earlier ‘Bharatha Puzha’ that used to flow through its heart. There is an interesting similarity between my native village Vazhenkada and my domicile village Pampady (Tiruvilwamala) – both these places have given birth to many prominent artistes in the field of art and culture.

I am very fond of the various festivals held at different temples here especially the wonderful performances at these festivals such as – “Kathakali”, “Panchavadyam”, “Thayampaka”, “Chenda Melam”,“Poothan and Thira”, and many more -  I eagerly await the various festivals that are hosted in and around Pampady to get a taste of our traditional art forms.

I can most definitely say that Pampady is the best place I have ever lived in after I left my native village. The residents of Pampady and Tiruvilwamala, with whom I have interacted from the very first day of stay are extremely kind, co-operative and social.  People of all walks of life and from different cast, creed, colour and with different political ideologies, all live happily and in harmony in Pampady. Geographically, Pampady is well connected to major towns such as Palakkad, Trichur, Ottapalam, Shoranur, and are easily reachable by road and rail.

We are lucky that Pampady is part of Tiruvilwamala, which I understand, is also known as “the City of Temples”.  I consider myself lucky to settle down in this beautiful village with the God’s blessings (“Anugrah”) which incidentally is my house name, a true “Lakshmi Vilasam”.

Last but not least, I wish that we, Pampady citizens, put in our best efforts to bring back the ‘Bharata Puzha’ to its earlier beauty some day.

Posted on: 12-12-2012 - 05:08 AM - by editor

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