My Cinema Life

I entered in to Cinema/Television in 1997. My friendship with Kochubava, the great author helped me to produce my first ever gulf based mega serial directed by Shyama Prasad..Late actor Rathish was in leading role. The day the entire crew arrived in Dubai , I put them in a hotel and had dinner together.  The very next day morning around 4 a.m.I received a phone call . One person was crying and it was Mr. Ratheesh.  He was saying Dasji please help me, help me.  He was in the Alriffa police station . The reason was he had a fight with a Dubai Taxi driver while returning from a party hosted by some friends.  Immediately I called the Hotel PRO  and arranged his release. After this incident Rathish was quite and humble always.

I met Mr. P N Menon , director in a location near Vaniyamkulam where he was making a Documentry film. I still remember that he offered me a Beedi which I accepted and smoke. After enjoying the smoke we discussed about a feature film . Nerku Nere my first cinema born in 2004 under PN Menons directorship. He is no more now.

Nerku Nere  shown in various film festivals. I attend few of them.  While attending Bahrain Festival organized by Kerala samajam Mr. T V Chandran , director openly abused the Indian Panorama judjes for not considering Nerku Nere. He mentioned few names of judjes which I don’t want to mention here.  His comment was like this….. Considering Mr. Menons age (76 ) and his last film the committee should have given an award..

In 2008 I made my second film Mizhikal saakshi which later selected for showing IKFF  . When the festival started Mizhikal saakshi was not in the list. I approached a lawyer in High Court and got permission to view the film in IKFF. Later I found out that the organisers/Judjes behind such operation. .

Finally, what I learned from this field is that A Producer is nothing after the project completion. Until such time everyone is behind you because you are the financier.

My next movie COLOR BALLOON is due for release. The release delayed due to no-cooperation from the satellite channels. There are 76 films waiting for release.

Posted on: 29-01-2014 - 09:57 AM - by Chief Editor

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