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Pampady, a place in Thrissur district is referred as ‘Punya Bhoomi’ (sacred land) in Hindu Puranas. his holly place near by the river ‘nila’is one of the historically famous pilgrim places like ‘sree Vilwadrinada Temple’, destroyer of sins ‘Punarjani’, ‘Sree Parakkottukavu Bhagavathi Temple’, the place famous to he oblations for the departed souls (pidru dharppanam) ‘ivor madom’, ‘Someswara Siva temple’, Kodakkuri appan Siva Temple ‘which was facing at west direction.
‘Pampadi ‘(dancing snakes) is a small village of Thiruvilwamala. This ancient name was suitable for this village.
The devotees came to Thiruvilwamala give first salute to ‘Villuadinadu’and ‘Ivor Madom Sree Krishna Bhagavan ‘.Then reach Sree Nagaraja of Pampumkavu. Pampadi Sree Pampumkavu is situated at East Pattambi of the road ‘Perugottu Kurishi ‘which is far from 5 KM north, south to Thiruvilwamala and 2 KM east to Pampadi. This is one of the famous, ‘Naga’ worshipping temples. The other ones in Kerala are, ‘Vettikkottu Naga Temple’, Harippattu Mannarasala, Pampumekkattu in Maala, ‘Amayeda in Ernakulam’, and ‘Cherppullassery Padirakkunnath Mana’.
There are no idols. Here we worshipped the shape of Siva formed by termite soil, without any outward compulsion spontaneously comes from the earth.
The history of the birth of the temple
At that time the snakes are wandering on the earth. People had worried. Then ‘parasurama ‘pray to god Siva. He informs that the land was full of snakes. The case and harmful experiences of snakes are enough to suffer. Requested to give a relief from this.
Siva advised Parasurama to pray ‘Vasuki Deva ‘(the Nagaraja) will tell you a solution. Parasurama pray to Vasuki then raja was pleased by Parasurama’s Penace appear before him. Raja ask the reason of Penance, Parasurama says about the grief that people obeying me was in trouble with snakes a relief and also says that give all the holy rights to pray Vasuki and others on this land.
Inform about the idol place which Nagaraja prefer.
The other snakes will dance with pleasure to hear this. So this place is known as ‘Pampad’. Nagaraja ask about the holy preferable place. A sage was mediated to Siva in the east direction of that place. A holy force of Siva was there. Vasuki and the others wanted to place there with Siva. Now a days ‘pampadi Sree Pampumkavu’ is situated on that holy place.
Siva advice with pleasure of that sage’s penance that, pray and Poojas give equal preference to me and others .Doing so Naga ‘gave all the wealth to people and keep the land safe .According to Siva the sage gave all the Poojas with equal preference . They stay there with happy .After some years the sage was died. After his death the place became a temple. Here the self originated idol with termite soil was formed (Nagaputtu) .The sage was blessed by Siva .So people give a place to him as ‘Rishiswaran’.
Now days the Poojas to himis also continued. Here we can find the blessed sage, he was guided by Nagaraja and Naga Kanyaka .

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Pooja Timings

  • Morning 05AM to 10AM
  • Evening 05PM to 07:00PM

Festivals & Events

  • Ayilyam Pooja
  • Prathista Dinam

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