Sri T.K.Nair was born in Malayalam year 1072 (1897 June) to Vadakke Koottala Narayanan Nair and Thozhur Madhavi Amma. He was married to Ammukutty Amma and had 5 sisters.

While Britishers were ruling India, Mr. Nair was the Prime Minister of Kochi. Thereafter he worked as MNC.

Following are the major achievements in his life:

  • He was honored as “Rao Bahadur” by British Government
  • For Nair’s involvement during freedom movement, he was fortunate to receive Letter of Appreciation from  Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru.
  • He was also the recipient of a “Paramadhikara Appreciation”  from The King of Kochi.

Mr Nair took initiative in getting various facilities for Thiruvilwamala area. Listed below are some of them:

  • Drinking water connection for “Thiruvilwamala Malavattam” area.
  • Koottala colony was gifted to the poor people staying in that area
  • In 1969 he inaugurated the Thiruvilwamala Govt. Hospital
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